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Links between Western Isles’ and Shetland schools continue

Leverhulme School delivers presentation to Burravoe School

Following a series of presentations by four primary schools in Shetland to Western Isles’ schools in January, it was Leverhulme Memorial School’s turn to deliver a presentation to Burravoe Primary about their community.

learning about Up Helly Aa

It was apparent that the Hearaich had done their research as they talked about the villages on their island, the wildlife, the weather, and the influence that the Vikings had had on various place names. None of the Shetland pupils had ever visited Harris, so there was plenty to learn.

Following the presentation, the Burravoe pupils were ready with questions. They wanted to find out how many ships there were in Leverburgh harbour and how the bus service worked. They showed a particular interest in deer – which there aren’t any of in Shetland – and wanted to know how plentiful they were, whether they were regularly seen or rather shy, and how tall they were compared to a person. One of the pupils asked whether there were any sheep in Harris and that certainly got the stories started!

It was a delight to see how the pupils came to realise how similar their islands are despite the great distance between them. The two schools are clearly starting to connect with each other and it is hoped that the presentations will continue in the coming months.

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