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Teaching Continues from Abroad

Teaching Continues from Abroad

During the first week of February 2018 two of our staff still taught pupils despite being out of the country.

Donald MacLeod, who was in Lisbon delivered his commitment to pupils at Sir E Scott School, teaching Higher ‘Religious, Moral, and Philosophical Studies’. The distance and unfamiliar surroundings were not the only hurdle Donald had to overcome as his bag with his iPad that he uses for teaching were stolen on his arrival.  With the assistance of the hotel, Donald sourced a computer and deliver the lesson without a hitch.


Neil Johnson is a fiddle tutor and one of our local musicians who travelled to Kolkata in India as part of Yatra, a live music concert inspired by the journey of Colin MacKenzie to India in 1783. Neil taught fiddle to two Lewis schools from his room and if you click here, you can see a very short clip.

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