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Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Masterworks Workshop

On the 20th September pupils from The Nicolson Institute, Sir E Scott and Lionacleit took part in a masterworks workshop run by members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.   The workshop, which took place at Sir E Scott School, involved around 30 pupils in an all day workshop designed to introduce pupils to composition techniques.  The masterworks programme aims to take specially designed programmes to all 32 local authorities over a three year period.

Masterworks takes students on a creative journey, uncovering hidden contexts and inspiring new musical works.  Masterworks is the SCO’s flagship project for upper secondary school music students and provides a unique opportunity for students to engage with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, bringing to life their learning relating to the SQA Curriculum for Excellence.

The internationally celebrated Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) is made up of a unique collection of talented musicians who inspire and connect with people of all ages.

They aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to hear live orchestral music by touring the length and breadth of Scotland and around the world as proud ambassadors for Scottish cultural excellence. In recent years, the Orchestra has travelled throughout Europe, the Far East, India and the USA.

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